Soumya Kumar

Tubular Labs // VideoAces 2017

videoaces 2017

print and award design

Brief / Design an award and a deck of cards to promote Tubular labs VideoAces campaign which gives a shoutout to the top media and entertainment creators.

Design Process /
The initial idea was to stick to the same designs we had last year, but eventually we felt that it was necessary to do something fresh to better promote the campaign. I felt that adding illustrations to the deck of cards would provide a fresh visual element and also serve as a good social media strategy. After discussing the idea with the team, I came up with a few design variations. We decided to base the design on line-drawing illustration since it was coherent with our branding and also provided an interesting perspective on the winning content creators. Additionally, I also helped design the trophy that was given to the winning content creators.

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Trophy Produced by: Creative Awards, UK