Soumya Kumar

Website // Everything is Interconnected



Brief / Design an opinion website on a chosen topic. A substantial part of the website has to be expressed with type that has a good mix of live html text.

Design / In this project I designed a website on everything being interconnected in this universe and how we can decode the universe using pre-existing patterns around us. I conducted extensive research to determine a strategy for good visual representation. I further explored blending images and type. I used Museo sans as my typeface since I felt that it had a certain mystery along with a slightly digital feel to it.

Deliverables / Live Website


This project is created as a part of GR 613 Experimental Typography class for Graphic Design Graduate School of Academy of Art University.

Some of the content of this work may have images and resources from internet. The copyright of those elements belong to the original authors.

This project is only for academic and noncommercial display.