Soumya Kumar

Visual Identity // Sixty++


Visual system / Brand

Brief / To identify a social issue/cause in the world and propose a possible solution for it. Design publicity materials for the proposed solution.

Problem / A lot of people consider post retirement life very dull and mundane. Some people even go into depression. My idea was to help them realize that they have a fresh opportunity in life to learn and experience new things.

Design / I decided to name my movement “Sixty++” to convey a message that life after 60 can be better than ever before. It is a new opportunity for seniors to try something exciting that they couldn’t pursue before retirement. I tried to create a very vibrant and youthful design to convey a sense of excitement, energy and possibility.

Deliverables / Poster, Website, Event, Brochure, App


This project is created as a part of GR 620 Visual Thinking class for Graphic Design Graduate School of Academy of Art University.
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